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Our goals are to maximize impact & accelerate growth

About Our Firm

Vaens is a family office that was founded in 1999 as Havacment. It started growth company investments in 2005 focusing on b2b software and software-as-a-service companies. In this segment Vaens has developed a portfolio of approximately 20 companies with over ten exits throughout its history. In 2016 Vaens started to explore Impact startups which led a few years later Vaens to change its main focus to this segment. Vaens has now 10+ Impact startups in the portfolio and is planning to double the number by end of 2023.​Our focus is to enable the Impact startups to grow and make a change happen. Our role as investor differs from active roles to more passive and we evaluate which role benefits the company our planet the best, case by case. This way we try to be very founder-friendly. We mostly invest in companies in Finland but gradually looking for opportunities in our neighboring countries.  We make early and transformational investments in companies that have the potential to do great things.

Our Values

We demand that all of the companies in our portfolio are ethical and environmental by helping the world becoming a better place for us all, by various different methods.

We encourage people to be innovative, brave and confident but at the same time, we hope that people enjoy life to the fullest. We hope that the funny side of life is every meeting: A dull meeting doesn't help anyone.

We motivate people to be honest to themselves and to others as well. Open communication is a vital part of that: Bad news are better than no news.

Enabling Impact by Innovation and Digitalization

We do believe that the startups are the driving force to save both the earth and the people living on it. We thrive on helping innovative companies with sustainability focus to develop new technology and scale. Of course, due to our background we see that the digitalization and data driven business have an integral role to maximize the positive Impact.

What do we consider to be impact investing? Well, we haven't created our own description for it but we are looking for something that fulfils the three pillars of sustainability; social, environmental and economic. It has to fulfil all of these, not just one or two. Go check out our portfolio you might get an idea of what we preach! There you'll find companies from fashion rental to a company that produces argon analyzers, so yeah we are open to different ideas, not just IT.

That's in our ball park

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